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The toxicity of NH3 and NO2 in industrial shrimp ponds is a problem for many shrimp farms. So how to prevent and deal with these gases effectively?

Do you know damage caused by toxic gas NH3 and NO2?

Poisoning in industrial shrimp ponds (especially in high density shrimp culture) is continuous and can be toxic to shrimp only after a short time. The amount of toxic gas NH3 and NO2 in the water causes the shrimp to be lethargic, red body, stop eating, slow growth, can even cause head crash and death. This is a problem that makes it difficult for many industrial shrimps to reduce the productivity and quality of animal husbandry.

Causes make toxic gases in ponds

According to many studies, toxic gases in industrial shrimp ponds are caused by three main causes:

– Excess shrimp feed leads to organic pollution in the pond and causes the generation of NH3 and NO2.

– The oxygen content in the ponds was not sufficiently supplied, resulting in incomplete nitrification, leading to the accumulation of toxic NO2 in the ponds.

– In the pond lack of useful microorganisms makes the toxic gas accumulate in the pond and poison the shrimp.

lam-the-nao-de-co-the-giai-quyet-cac-khi-doc-nh3-va-no2-trong-ao-nuoi-tom-cong-nghiep1.png (398 KB)

Shrimp poisoned by the accumulation of toxic gas NH3 and NO2 in the pond

Measures to thoroughly deal with toxic gases in ponds

For shrimp to grow and develop well, it is necessary to have a method to treat toxic gases in shrimp ponds effectively. You can refer to the following measures:

–  Management of feed during shrimp culture, avoid excess.

– Provide adequate oxygen by installing proper aeration fans and regularly cleaning ponds.

– Maintain algal density in ponds by algae to absorb inorganic nitrogen to develop, thus reducing the accumulation of toxic gases.

– Use Yucca to absorb NH3, which reduces the amount of NO2 produced or uses the enzyme to stimulate the nitrification process completely.

– Adding bacteria (Nitric and Nitrifying bacteria) is beneficial in ponds to convert toxic gases into toxic NO3 for shrimp.

lam-the-nao-de-co-the-giai-quyet-cac-khi-doc-nh3-va-no2-trong-ao-nuoi-tom-cong-nghiep2.png (435 KB)

To measures toxic gases in industrial shrimp ponds

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